The Incarnate Word.

Volumen 10 Issue 02

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  • The Social-State Structuring of Political Life
    Fr. Julio Meinvielle, Ph.D., S.T.D
  • The Absolute Primacy of the Intellect in Aquinas: A Reaction to Fabro’s Position
    Fr. Andres Ayala, IVE, Ph.D.
  • New Challenges to Veritatis Splendor
    Fr. Joseph LoJacono, IVE, Ph.D.
  • Hegel and Christ
    Fr. Cornelio Fabro, CSS, Ph.D.
  • Fr. Thomas Gilby, OP; A Brief Introduction to the Development of Doctrine: According to the Mind of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • John P. Joy; The Atoning Death of Christ: St. Thomas’s Doctrine of Vicarious Satisfaction
  • D. J. Kennedy, O.P.; St. Thomas Aquinas and MedievalPhilosophy
  • William C. Mattison III; Growing in Virtue: Aquinas on Habit
  • Michael J. McGrath; Acting for the Common Good: Social Justice in the Light of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Fr. Ernest Mura, FSV; The Nature of the Mystical Body (Volume I)