The Incarnate Word.

Volume 04 Issue 01

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  • Consciousness and Self-Consciousness of the Soul
    Cornelio Fabro
  • A New Profile of Hans Urs von Balthasar
    Marcelo Lattanzio, IVE
  • Bonaventure and Aquinas on liberum arbitrium: Some Remarks on their Lectures on the Sentences of Peter Lombard
    Maria Aracoeli Beroch, SSVM
  • The Subsisting Subject in Light of the Thomistic Notion of Ens
    David M. Vidal, IVE
  • The “Crucial Step”: A Critique to Heidegger’s Point of Departure and an Alternative Notion of Intentionality
    Andrés Ayala, IVE
  • John Lawrence Hill, After the Natural Law: How the Classical Worldview Supports Our Modern Moral and Political Values
  • Nicanor Austriaco, O.P., ET AL., Thomistic Evolution: A Catholic Approach to Understanding Evolution in the Light of Faith
  • Gerard M. Verschuuren, Aquinas and Modern Science: A New Synthesis of Faith and Reason
  • Serge-Thomas Bonino, Brève histoire de la philosophie latine au Moyen Âge
  • Craig Payne, Aquinas and the Human Person: Essays in Thomistic Anthropology
  • V. Dougherty, EDITOR, Aquinas’s Disputed Questions on Evil: A Critical Guide